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0121 633 3687
0121 633 3687
Turnaround Time is Approx 14 Days

Canvas Care

Caring For Your Canvases


We take every care to ensure the quality and longevity of our canvases, however as with all products manufactured with natural materials some unintentional problems may arise. Below is some advice on how to best look after your canvases.


To prevent warping, try not to keep your canvases:

- In damp conditions

- In a position near a heat source such as a radiator (or dry them next to)

- In direct sunlight

- In regularly changing environmental conditions (wood and canvas take on and give off moisture absorbed from the atmosphere)


To prevent dents and sagging of the canvas:

- Choose a suitable weight of canvas for your working methods

- Work on & store the canvas in a vertical position

- Avoid leaning objects against the surface of the canvas

- Protect your canvases with card or bubble wrap whilst in storage


If your canvas is dented or saggy you can:

-   Remove small dents with warm water applied the back of the canvas with a decorating brush or spray

-  Apply the supplied wedges by gently tapping into the corner holes until the canvas is nice and tight.


If your canvas isnít a perfect square or rectangle any more:

-   Lay your canvas flat, face down on a protective cloth or piece of bubble wrap. Use a tape measure to measure the distance from corner to corner, the distance from each set of diagonally opposing corners should be the same, if it isnít, gently tap the corner with a rubber or velvet mallet until the measurements match (you may need to retention the canvas after doing this)

Please Note: Transport can affect the canvas therefore you may need to follow to above instructions to re-tension the fabric after delivery.